Download Word document:      Introduction to BC4E Software

Download BC4E Software Package of Version 3.6.9 for English:      Download

Installation Steps:

1. Ensure that the PC has Internet access. This is required for automatic Online registration for one year's free usage. But, day-to-day running it doesn't require Intenet connection.

2. Unzip the package to a working folder.

3. Run "setup.exe" application.

4. Fill out the setup form as appropriate. Generally, you just need to type in the club name, and accept default for other fields.

5. Click the button of "Install New". If Internet connection has problem for online registry, it will wait for 30 seconds before continuing.

6. Close the "setup.exe" application after prompting “Success" message.

You can start BC4E by clicking the ShortCut on Desktop. Check the Help menu item in BC4E for how to use it or view the videos on the Web Site.

Upgrading / Updating Steps:

0.   Important! Upgrading or running BC4E for club doesn't require Internet connection. But, please don't upgrade when you are running a club. Upgrade it before or after club.

1.   Download the latest package.

2.   Unzip it to a temporary working folder ( not "C:\BC4E" folder).

3.   Run "setup.exe" application.

4.   Fill out the setup form as appropriate if needed. Otherwise (normally),just leave them as default.

5.   Click the button of Upgrade Existing. Wait till prompting message.

6.   Close the "setup.exe" application.

Renewing License online for another year:

0.   Important! Ensure you PC has Internet connection.

1.   Start BC4E application.

2.   Choose menu item "Help -> Renew License".

3.   Restart BC4E application.

Notes:   Only when your current license is expired or close to its expiry date ( 30 days earlier), the "Renew License" menu item is enabled.

System requirement:

•  OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

•  .NET FrameWork: 4.5.2 or above.


•  Windows 7:

•  Service Pack 1 ;

•  .NET FrameWork 4.6.2 for Windows 7;      Link to Microsoft Download Site for .NET Framework 4.6.2

•  Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable;      Link to Microsoft Download Site for Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable


•  Windows 8.1:

•  .NET FrameWork 4.6.2 for Windows 8.1;      Link to Microsoft Download Site for .NET Framework 4.6.2


•  Windows 10: 

•  No extra requirement.

Support other languages:

   BC4E has integrated support for any other language that Windows support. But it is in user's hand to provide the translated string files.


•  To add new langauge support for your Windows:

1.    Create a subfolder under "C:\BC4E\Language\" directory with the name of the language.

2.    Translate both text files: "readme.txt" and "BC4E_Used_Strings.txt" in folder "C:\BC4E\Language\English" from English into the target language, and save them as "readme.txt" and "BC4E_Used_Strings.txt" in the create new folder respectively. Please translate line by line, and don't change the order of lines.

3.    Start BC4E.


For example, to support French language:

1.    Create a subfolder named "C:\BC4E\Language\French".

2.    Save the French content files translated from "readme.txt" and "BC4E_Used_Strings.txt" in folder "C:\BC4E\Language\English" as "readme.txt" and "BC4E_Used_Strings.txt" in "C\BC4E\Language\French" folder respectively.

Then, BC4E can run in French Windows OS and all items will be displayed as French.