What is new in version 3.6.8?

•  Waiting Player Windows have two new columns: Match Count and Visit Fee. When a player signing in, the Visit Fee (not zero) will highlighted for three seconds to alert the Club Operator.

•  Club users can speed up searching for their names by typing in the name initials. The previous versions only used one Character. Now, multiple characters can be used. For example, RL for Richard Lee; ABW for Alex Bob Wang.

•  Can configure Days to Play for different User Types. And Club Users Windows will be filtered out with Today's Users or Others.

•  Fix a few minor bugs. Main ones are related to Report. Features reporting on old club runs are rarely used. But, the main report of Match History can double count each match in rare case.

•  It adds multiple languages for displaying items and messages. Top 10 badminton popularity countries are included.

What is new in version 3.6.7?

•  User can renew the license yearly from BC4E by choosing menu item "Help -> Renew License" after paying the license fee.

•  It adds multiple languages for displaying items and messages. Top 10 badminton popularity countries are included.

Smart Match Arrangement:

•  BC4E always tries to make the best matches according to players' skill levels, genders, club policy options, match histories, and players' composition.

•  BC4E can arrange competition (tournament) between two divisions ( or clubs ) of players, mixed them up, or separate them according to your configuration.

Quick Player Registry with Barcode Scanning(Optional):

•  BC4E can set up Bar Code string, called "ID Serial Number", for each club user. Then, the club can register a player by scanning his barcode.

•  To avoid conflict with key stroke of letters, barcode limits to number only, and Barcode Scanner needs to have a Catridge Return to singnal the end.

•  More options to speed up signing in for players is in development.

Detailed Reports:

•  You can analyse if the arranged matches is satisfactory for overall club or for each player.

Flexible Options:

•  You can adjust the way how system arranges matches by configuring the options, such as: the level difference allowed, to encourage the same gender matches or mix doubles, degree of sociability (i.e., the degree to encourage different players), match session duration, etc.

Fast Simulation:

• You can test how the options affect the matches arrangement with the same group of players but different options. It will give you the results in a few seconds without running the club in real time. • You can reset the match history but keeping the same group of players to simulate independently with different options.

Easy Data Import/Export:

• You can easily export the data of Users, Players, and Matches in current club or previous club to a .CSV text file.

• You can also import Users, Players from your prepared or previously exported .CSV text file.

• In fact, you can use importing Users as a quicker method to add all new users or to update all existing users in a batch.

• For example, if you want to frequently test the effect of different options for the same group of players, you can export those players to a text file. In case, you want to do the similar tests in future, you can import those players from the saved text file.

Friendly User Interface:

• Depending on the number of courts, and club running mode ( Sync / Async ), you can choose different suitable views.

• You can choose to hide or show Gender and Level of players or users.

• If there are too many courts, you can use Player View instead of Court View for quicker looking up.

• To choose you action about a player, just right click the name, and choose one in the Popup Menu.

• You can drag and drop to swap players or register a player or leave early.

• You can double click the name for actions of most often, like registering a player or leaving early.

Flexible Administration:

• You can quicken your searching for a user by keying in the first letter of the user's first name in User list window.

• You can reserve some courts for some period of time during the club.

• You can exclude some players for some period of time during the club so that they won't join the auto match picking.

• A player can take a break after current match, play the last match, or leave after current match.

• Players can be bound together so the BC4E will arrange them in the same match as much as possible.

Calculate the Total of Club Fee:

• If you configure the Club Fee for different User Types and different Week Day, BC4E can automatically calculate the total of fee that should be collected.

Lock Up Signing In:

• BC4E can prevent users who need to pay for each visit from signing in by themself without paying.

Data Protection:

• Sensitive data, like Skill Levels, User Types related to payment, Club Polic, and so on can be protected with password from unauthorised changes.

Interface to Other IT Systems:

• BC4E can store all data in SQL Server database, which provides an easy way to integrate with any other IT or PLC systems.

• BC4E can export Users, Matches or Players data to .CSV text files. You can use them as an input for any other IT system or Excel.

• For example, PLC system can read the information of the arranged matches of BC4E from SQL Server, and display them on its own panels.

Multiple Language Support:

• BC4E support all languages that your Windows system supports. For details see the Support Tab.