Smart Match Arrangement:

•  BC4E always tries to make the best matches according to players' skill levels, genders, club policy options, match histories, and players' composition.

•  BC4E can arrange competition (tournament) between two divisions ( or clubs ) of players, mixed them up, or separate them according to your configuration.

Quick Player Registry with Barcode Scanning(Optional):

•  BC4E can set up Bar Code string, called "ID Serial Number", for each club user. Then, the club can register a player by scanning his barcode.

Detailed Reports:

•  You can analyse if the arranged matches is satisfactory for overall club or for each player.

Flexible Options:

•  You can adjust the way how system arranges matches by configuring the options, such as: the level difference allowed, to encourage the same gender matches or mix doubles, degree of sociability (i.e., the degree to encourage different players), match session duration, etc.

Fast Simulation:

• You can test how the options affect the matches arrangement with the same group of players but different options. It will give you the results in a few seconds without running the club in real time. • You can reset the match history but keeping the same group of players to simulate independently with different options.

Easy Data Import/Export:

• You can easily export the data of Users, Players, and Matches in current club or previous club to a .CSV text file.

• You can also import Users, Players from your prepared or previously exported .CSV text file.

• In fact, you can use importing Users as a quicker method to add all new users or to update all existing users in a batch.

• For example, if you want to frequently test the effect of different options for the same group of players, you can export those players to a text file. In case, you want to do the similar tests in future, you can import those players from the saved text file.

Friendly User Interface:

• Depending on the number of courts, and club running mode ( Sync / Async ), you can choose different suitable views.

• You can choose to hide or show Gender and Level of players or users.

• If there are too many courts, you can use Player View instead of Court View for quicker looking up.

• To choose you action about a player, just right click the name, and choose one in the Popup Menu.

• You can drag and drop to swap players or register a player or leave early.

• You can double click the name for actions of most often, like registering a player or leaving early.

Flexible Administration:

• You can quicken your searching for a user by keying in the first letter of the user's first name in User list window.

• You can reserve some courts for some period of time during the club.

• You can exclude some players for some period of time during the club so that they won't join the auto match picking.

• A player can take a break after current match, play the last match, or leave after current match.

• Players can be bound together so the BC4E will arrange them in the same match as much as possible.

Calculate the Total of Club Fee:

• If you configure the Club Fee for different User Types and different Week Day, BC4E can automatically calculate the total of fee that should be collected.

Interface to Other IT Systems:

• BC4E can store all data in SQL Server database, which provides an easy way to integrate with any other IT or PLC systems.

• BC4E can export Users, Matches or Players data to .CSV text files. You can use them as an input for any other IT system or Excel.

• For example, PLC system can read the information of the arranged matches of BC4E from SQL Server, and display them on its own panels.

Multiple Language Support:

• BC4E support all languages that your Windows system supports. For details see the Support Tab.