Court Site using BC4E:

To run a club with BC4E, the only mandatory operation from human is to register to play. No software can be simpler!

This is a software developed by a badminton club member, who has many years' club experience. It also integrates the knowledge and feedbacks from various badminton clubs in New Zealand and Australia.

Since Feb 2016, it has been used for Takapuna Badminton Club in North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. It received very positive feedbacks. In fact, the club community appraised "BC4E is invaluble to run the club smoothly". (see the reference)

Initially, it was only aimed to resolve some problems with the previous system used in Takapuna Badminton Club. In August 2017, encouraging by its success and excellent feedbacks in Takapuna Badminton Club, the designer put it on Internet hoping to help more clubs to deal with common problems confronted.

Now, it is adopted by many badminton clubs in New Zealand. More badminton clubs have expressed their interest in it. Some are testing it. The IT staff of Badminton North Harbour Association in Auckland is working closely with the developer to make it a part of site facility for wider adoption in the association.

The issues known for running a club:

• Some players conplain having bad games. It is very hard for each board duty person to remember all players skill levels, and their match history so as to make the best matches fairly and let everyone enjoy.

• No one likes to do the board work. Everyone likes to play.

• Matches with close skill levels are more enjoyable for all players.

• Everyone likes to play with play mates of the same level or slightly higher levels.

• Every one likes to have fair chance to play. No one can arrange matches consistently complying with Club Policy.

• Badminton Club is also a social thing that matters.

• When court number is high, it is hard for anyone to consider all records of match history in arranging new matches, or remember all players' skill levels.

• The worst match is the one with three high level players and one beginner.

• Every player may need to share the club duty to play with beginners for some clubs.

• Some clubs like to have matches of the same gender as much as possible.

• Mixed Double is a balanced match in gender. It is better than imbalanced one with 3 male player and 1 female player or vice verse.

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