How It Works

BC4E is a Windows application and can run on a laptop or a PC of all Windows versions. It is aiming to let everyone in the club enjoy the club experience more by arranging best matches according to options configured, players' levels and genders, and match history.

The number of courts is only limited to the screen size. Generally, 16 courts or under will have better effect.

The system automates everything that can be automated. In Synchronized Mode, when all courts start and finish at the same pace, it is completely driven by the predefined schedules. Match session duration can be configured as 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 minutes. In Asynchronism Mode, each court can have its only pace. Schedules only control the club start time, end time and courts allocated. The match period in each court depends on the players of it. The system will pick up players for each available court.

Initial Setup

1.  Configure the courts in the badminton site. You can specify the number of courts and the name of each court.

2.  Configure club user types. For each User Type, specify its Type Name, Type Short Name of three letters (showed in upper case), Displayed Colour, and Type Description.

3.  Add club users in the system. Each user will be a potential player of each club run. You can add user one by one. Or you can compose a text .CSV file of all users, and import it in the system (see sample for its format). Each player has a skill level from 1 ~ 12, or D3 ~ A1, which means from Beginner to Professional.

4.  Configure the club schedules. The schedules specify the day, time and the courts allocated for the club during the period. The laptop or PC needs to have correct date and time to ensure the system work properly.

Club Run

BC4E can run unaided completely as long as the schedules are configured correctly. In fact, you can leave it run all the time if needed. But in the reality, no club run will be over one whole day. So, at the midnight, it will archive the registered players and matches played, and start a new club when next schedule is due. For a new club run, the only mandatory action is for club users to register to play when they come. The system will automatically choose the best matches according to the Options configured, and the match history. No other human operation is necessary. But if you like, you can adjust matches, take break, or leave early. You can also reserve some courts, or exclude some players from auto-allocation in some situation.

Simulate Club Run

To assess what options suit for your club, you don't have to actually run the club. You can just simulate it before using it for the club.

Ensure there is a active schedule for the day, and run the simulation. It will only take a few seconds to simulate a club run, which is normally for a few hours.

Check the reports of statistics after simulation, and see if they are satisfactory.

There are four type reports:

1.  Player Match Report:  view the match history of each player. You can see the play mates and courts for the player.

2.  Player Mate Level Report:  view the level statistics of play mates for each player. You can judge if the matches are good enough for the player.

3.  Level Difference Report:  view the statistics of the level difference of all matches. You can judge if matches are overall good enough or not.

4.  Gender Composition Report:  view the statistics of the gender composition of all matches. You can judge if the match is balanced in gender or not.

Try It Now For Free

You can try it free for 30 days. Please contact Support if you like to test longer.