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BC4E Version Info:

2021-01-12: Version 3.6.4 - Add Options to set up Bell Ring Duration after playing matches finish, and Match Keep Duration of playing matches before arranging new matches.

2020-11-01: Version 3.6.3 - Add an Semi-Auto club run mode, Called Sync Mode, that Club Organizer can control the each match session. Original Sync Mode is renamed as Auto Mode.

2020-10-23: Version 3.6.2 - Add User Interface control for minimum match duration of 5 minutes. Fix a bug in Player Match Report for Async Mode when each court has different pace (start and finish in different time).

2020-10-17: Version 3.6.1 - Fix a bug in Schedule Configuration. Show the license expiry date in BC4E About. Implement Online registration for new installation.

2020-09-25: Version 3.6.0 - Implement Division Policy enforcement. Previously, Tournment Mode or Separate Mode are not enforced. They are just kind of preference. Also, make 'Whom are restricted by Player Count Limit?' configurable with Club User Type.

2020-08-07: Version 3.5.9 - Add new feature of options: 1. Enforce Gender Options to grantee Gender Balance. 2. Maximum Player Limit. 3. First Match Policy.

2020-07-26: Version 3.5.8 - Improve UI experience; add some guidance in Config Schedule window. Remove the limit of minimum 6 players for options of Man Double, Woman Double or Mixed Double.

2020-07-09: Version 3.5.7 - Fix a bug in Async Mode when arranging new matches after swapping players with a Waiting Player. Ignore Mix High & Low option when the totoal number of players is more than 1.5 times of court capacity.

2020-06-13: Version 3.5.6 - Modify the Option names, and their explanation to be more intuitional. Use language names instead of LCIDs for the subfoders under '.\lanaguage\'. BC4E can support any language by creating the subfolder of that language name, and making the two text files by translating their repective two files from ‘.\English’ subfoler line by line.

2020-03-04: Version 3.5.5 - Simplify the procedure of setup.exe, so that it doesn't require for Administrator permission to register BC4E version in Windows system. Keep BC4E version in configuration file instead. That makes installation, upgrading or rolling it back much easier.

2020-02-15: Version 3.5.4 - Add features to show or hide players' levels in current matches. Allow upgrading even though license expired. Add data validation in configuring User Types.

2019-12-15: Version 3.5.3 - Enhance the feature of playing in unit of one hour, let the report show Paid Hour.

2019-11-18: Version 3.5.2 - Fix a bug in version 3.4.9,3.5.0, and 3.5.1 that will end the previous arranged matches when arranging matches of same period more than once. If not all courts are arranged at the first, adding an new match will cause issue. Add a new feature to allow players to register to play at the unit of one hour. This is optional because most clubs don't allow. So, to enable this feature, you need to change the Option.

2019-11-03: Version 3.5.1 - Fix a bug in version 3.4.9 and 3.5.0 that could cause errors in arranging matches in some situation. Add a feature that system shows Player Names in the order of Windows local language.

2019-06-16: Version 3.5.0 - Enhance the Asynchronous Mode feature to suit for Australia BadmintonClub. Fix a bug in Config Schedules with deleting & adding schedules.

2019-03-23: Version 3.4.9 - Simplify the setup procedure for upgrading by making a backup foler for the existing installation folder automatically.

2019-03-05: Version 3.4.8 - Fix a bug with data file storage management, which could result in data loss when compacting a data file after too many changes. the bug was created in version 3.4.0

2019-02-19: Version 3.4.7 - Add a new feature to divide all club users into two divisions, and you can choose how to arrange matches between players in two division. You can mix them up as one, have a sort of tournmant between them, or separate them when arranging matches

2018-12-05: Version 3.4.6 - Remove the limit to allow only adding 30 new club users in maximum every time when club is running.

2018-10-14: Version 3.4.5 - Tighten the control of duplication of the pair of two players. Fix a bug in upgrading to newer version 3.4.0 when using setup.exe. It does not transform old data format of version 3.3.3 or ealier to new format. As a result, BC4E can not read the data after upgrading.

2018-09-11: Version 3.4.4 - Fix a bug causing system failure when Unbind multiple pairs or group of players.

2018-09-06: Version 3.4.3 - Add a feature to optionally mix the two fixed shifts when the number of players is nearly double the court capacity. This allows some players sitting for two matches continuously. But, the total match count of each player within the schedule period is aimed to be even.

2018-08-19: Version 3.4.2 - Fix a bug the BC4E could result in uneven match counts in some certain situation, like adding a court in the middel of club.

2018-08-04: Version 3.4.1 - Fix a bug the BC4E fovour those players arrived late in a rare case when a player is registered, removed, and registered again after a few match sessions.

2018-07-19: Version 3.4.0 - Add a new feature of barcode scanning to speed up registering players(good for the clubs with many players). Automate software installation and upgrade by introducing setup.exe application. change the data storing format for better error tolerance because of Windows file cache operation.

2018-07-10: Version 3.3.3 - Fix a bug in controlling the match count of two players together, which was introduced in Version 3.3.1. As a result, it lost the control of duplication between two players.

2018-06-28: Version 3.3.2 - Add a feature that allows binding players in Waiting Players window and those in Court windows.

2018-06-15: Version 3.3.1 - Speed up the match making, which was an issue in version 3.3.0. with large number of Courts and Players. Fix a few bugs introduced in version 3.3.0 that results in uneven match counts, wrong match time, and so on because of incorrect match time calculation with flexible Warm Up period.

2018-06-10: Version 3.3.0 - Add new feature for flexible WarmUp period. Change the Async Mode to let user control the match duration completely ( Each match session can have differnt duration. That's why called Async Mode.) Fix a bug with pairing/binding player feature. Enhance the pairing/binding player feature by removing the limit to the total number of bound groups, and allowing specifying the percentage of games together for each group.

2018-05-26: Version 3.2.7 - Fix a problem when number of high level players is small, they may end up with playing with much lower player because their close level players have all their best games among themself. That is an issue since version 3.1.0, which tries to make most of the best match.

2018-05-19: Version 3.2.6 - Fix a problem that some groups of two players play together too many times. That is an issue since version 3.1.0.

2018-05-15: Version 3.2.5 - Fix a bug that when there are multiple bound groups, sometimes, a bound group can be broken unexpectively in previous versions from 3.1.0.

2018-05-10: Version 3.2.4 - Remove the restriction of level difference for binding players togeter in previou versions.

2018-05-05: Version 3.2.3 - Fix a bug with flexible match duration feature that duration changes in the middle of club when application is restarted in versions 3.2.2.

2018-04-25: Version 3.2.2 - Fix a bug with some cells with mixed color when a court has players with different background colors (take a break, or leave) for some laptop when running without the second screen in versions 3.1.0 ~ 3.2.1.

2018-04-14: Version 3.2.1 - Fix a bug that bound players don't have level_extended matches and a player can reoccur when using Extend Level feature. The bug only exists in versions 3.1.0, 3.1.1 and 3.2.0.

2018-04-12: Version 3.2.0 - Fix a bug that duplicated games are created when the setting is not to allow. The bug only exists in versions 3.1.0 and 3.1.1.

2018-04-07: Version 3.1.1 - Fix a minor bug in version 3.1.0.

2018-04-04: Version 3.1.0 - Enhance the match arranging engine to avoid inbalanced matches as much as possible. (Notes: This release changes the arranging engine a lot, and thus creates quite a few bugs.)

2018-03-17: Version 3.0.0 - Add new features for player visit statistics, flexible match durations, automatic overriding gender options, better mechanism to mix high players with low players, and so on.

2018-03-03: Version 2.2.3 - Change the User Interface that Read Only drop list controls are greyed out in previous version.

2018-03-01: Version 2.2.2 - Fix a bug that users can type in values that is not in Drop Down List, which causes data error by making all Drop List controls read only.

2018-02-25: Version 2.2.1 - Fix a bug with uneven court layout in some screen resolution in version 2.2.0. Only display court number in court background to reduce color interference.

2018-02-17: Version 2.2.0 - Fix a bug introduced in version 2.1.9, when manually managing the whole court, like DELETE a match. Reduce the refreshed screen area by minimizing the necessary area.

2018-02-12: Version 2.1.9 - Reduce the screen area of each court by displaying court name in different color at the court background, instead of displaying court name on top of it. So, the screen can display more courts.

2018-02-11: Version 2.1.8 - Enhance the match arranging engine for picking up the best match player candidates.

2018-02-04: Version 2.1.7 - Add a feature to lock up Player Registry to avoid any player who needs to pay for his visit to register for himself. Change the highlighting the left player to logging a message instead.

2017-11-13: Version 2.1.6 - Add a feature to highlight the latest left player in Club User window in case of wrong operation. So, the player can add back again easily.

2017-11-08: Version 2.1.5 - Add a feature to refresh Views with two screens without restarting application.

2017-10-21: Version 2.1.4 - Fix a bug that if a player regisgers aftter some matches are already arranged, the player may have wrong initial match count as 1.

2017-10-05: Version 2.1.3 - Fix a bug that the exported Club User .csv file has an extra row with Date and Time as User Names.

2017-09-24: Version 2.1.2 - Fix a bug that BC4E cannot store the configured values of the Club Fee, and a bug when deleting multiple rows at a time in configuring any information.

2017-09-16: Version 2.1.1 - Fix a bug that BC4E cannot recover from the error when adding a new club user but missing necessary data.

2017-08-19: Version 2.1.0 - Initial public released version available on Internet after it had been been used in Takapuna Club for two years, and had excellent feedback.



For any error that BC4E cannot recover, users can try to restart BC4E application, which won't loss any existing data of arranged or played matches and registered players.