Getting Started:

BC4E is a Badminton Boarding System driven by schedules. Once you have configured properly, each club run is just a matter

of registering the players. Following is the general procedure to get started:


Configure "Courts" -> "Configure User Types" -> Import "Users" or Add "User" one by one -> Configure "Schedules"

How to:

1. Configure the court on the site:      "Config" -> "Courts".

This only needs to be done once for the court site.


2. Configure the club schedule time period and court allocation:      choose menu item "Config" -> "Schdule".

This only needs to be done once when the regular time period or court allocation changes.

When you change the active schedule, it will only take effect in the next match arrangement, unless

you use "Rearrange All" to override the arranged new matches.


3. Add club users:

You can manually add club user one by one:      "Admin" -> "User Profile";

Or import a batch of club users from a Comma Separate File (.csv, see sample file):      "Admin" -> "Import".


4. Register a player for each club run:      "Double Click" the club user,

or "Right Click" the club user ->"Register".

or "Drag" a cluber user from Club Users Windows and "Drop" on Waiting Players' Window


5. Register a new player, who is not listed:      Add this user by choosing menu item "Admin" -> "User Profile".

Typing in the mandatory fields ( marked with * ) -> "Update" button.


Notes: When choosing a user from the list, you can type in the first letter of the user's first name to accelerate

the navigation in "Club User" list.

Above is the overall procedure to use this program. It will arrange matches automatically according to the schedules.


6. Override the matches that are already arranged, or manually start a new arrangement:      "Run -> Rearrange"


7. Run a club occasionally that is different from the predefined schedules:      "Config -> Schedule"

You can modify the active schedule, or create a Casual Schedule specific for the day.


8. Change the options that program behaves:      choose menu item "Config -> Options"

One important parameter is the level difference allowed for players in the same match.


9. Reserve a court for other use:      "Right Click" any player in the court -> "Manage Court" -> "Reserve".


10. Release a reserved court for club players:      "Right Click" any player in the court -> "Manage Court" -> "Release".


11. Leave club:      "Double Click" the player name, or,"Right Click" it -> "Leave".


12. Exclude a player from new match arrangement, but not leave:      "Right Click" the player name -> "Exclude".


13. Include a player who has been excluded:      "Right Click" the player name -> "Exclude".


14. Take a break:      "Right Click" the player name -> "Take a break". The player won't have a match for next session.

But he or she will be automatically included in the match arrangement after next session.



15. Play a last match, and then leave:     Right click the player in Waiting Players window -> "Leave after one Match".

16. Change view:      you can change the main view by Court, Player or Match History by choosing menu item "Views" -> "Court View", "Player View", or "Match History View".


17. Swap between two players:      "Drag" from one player, and "Drop" on to the other player;

Matches are only allowed to change at the certain of time (configurable), before they start playing, or enough time is left.


18. Delete a match at the specific court:      "Right click" any player in the court -> "Manage Court" -> "Delete"


19. Clear a court:      "Right click" any player in the court -> "Manage Court" -> "Clear"


Notes: Delete and Clear opertion are different in that Delete removes the match from the match history while Clear keeps the match in the history. Clear a court is just to make it available for showing new match (normally for manual arrangement).

20. Restore the previously deleted or overwritten match in a court:      "Right click" any player in the court -> "Manage Court" -> "Restore"


21. Restore all matches:      Choose menuitem "Run" -> "Restore"


22. Simulation feature is provided to test how the Options affect the matches arranged. It is used to get Options right for the club without need to actually run the club.

Choose menu item "Simulate" -> "Simulate for Today" or "Simulate for One Run"

Notes: You can export the registered players out to a .CSV file to be able to test the same group of players for different combination of Options in any time.

before actually running the club. Remember to reset Simulation matches or players afterwards.


23. Bind 2 ~ 4 players together:      Select multiple players by Holding the CTRL key, and Clicking each player to bind.

Then "Right Click" any selected player -> Choose "Bind Together". System will arrange them in the same match as much as possible.


24. Sum up club fee:      To make the system automatically sum up the club fee that should be collected in a club run. You need to configure the Club Fee by:

"Config" -> "Club Fee"

25. Specifiy the percentage of matches together for bound players: Click the binding group id -> Choose the percentage in the Drop Down list.


26. Specify the differnt duration for WarmUp session period: "Config" -> "Options", and specify a none zero value for "minute_of_warmup_period" paramter.

'-1': flexible WarmUp period from 0 ~ 30 minutes; 'positive number': the minutes of warm-up period that can be different from match duration.


27. Copy Reports to Excel spreadsheet or other software: Just use standard Windows operations for Select, Copy & Paste : Ctrl + A - select all; Ctrl + C - copy ; Ctrl + P - paste.


28. Use barcode to accelerate registering players: Firstly, you need to have barcode configured or stored for users. After that, you can use barcode scanner to scan a user's barcode to automatically register the user.


You can import a batch of users with ID_Serial_Number field as their barcode strings, or set a user's ID_Serial_Number to his or her barcode string one by one through editing User Profile.


For importing, see Import Users.


For editing user profile, do following steps:


a. Right click the user name in Club User window.


b. Choose Edit Profile.


c. In the prompted form, use TAB key to move the input filed to the text bos after "ID S/N #" .


d. Scan the barcode for the user.


e. Cliek Update button.


f. If there is an active schedule for the day, BC4E will automatically register the user when updated.


g. If you don't want register the user as a player, you can reset all players by choose menu item "Simulate" -> "Reset Matches & Players".