Video List to demonstrate how to use BC4E for Badminton Clubs

How to use a Barcode Scanner for BC4E to speed up registering players?

How to organize tournament between two groups of Players, or two Clubs?

How to pair Players so BC4E can arrange matches for them together?

How to configure BC4E Options to suit for your club's needs?

How to configure Courts?

How to configure User Types before you can load / add Club Users?

What does the CSV file of Club Users look like?

How to load a batch of Club Users from a CSV file?

How to configure Schedules for a Badminton Club? A schedule defines court allocation and its time period.

How to configure the Schedules in some complicated situations?

How to register to play badminton in a club run?

What is the general process to run BC4E for a badminton club?